Digital and Mobile Marketing Tools for Small and Medium Businesses

Cutting Edge Software and Support. Compete Directly With National Chains…at a Fraction of What They Spend

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Digital and Mobile Tools for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Compete with Big-Box Locations with Cutting Edge Software and Support

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About e-Fyre

e-Fyre’s only goal is to drive sales and increase profits for our Clients. The family of e-Fyre Companies – Flourish Complete, mobilefYre, and eDealAmerica utilize sophisticated, yet simple to use digital methodology designed to grow your business.

The e-Fyre Family of Companies

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Flourish Complete

All in One, Commission Free, Online Ordering, E-Commerce, Marketing & Loyalty Platform for Restaurants and Retail.

Visit Flourish Complete for Restaurants
Flourish Complete for Retail

Mobile Marketing, Digital Coupons, Reviews and Loyalty

Drive New Customers Continously and When Business is Slow

  • SMS Text Marketing

  • MMS Picture Text Marketing

  • Digital Coupons

  • Online Reviews

  • Customer Loyalty

  • Custom Websites

  • Local SEO

Visit our mobilefYre website
Visit our eDeal website

Reception-less Phone Manager

Cut Personnel Costs and Eliminate Unanswered Calls

It’s time to move past voice mail and instead focus on pleasing your callers. Nothing says “go to a competitor” quite like automatic voice mail, or worse…ring no answers.

When a customer calls, they are met with a voice prompt asking if they need:
To make an appointment – press 1
Hours or directions – press 2
Speak to a specific person – press 3

If they select “make an appointment” they immediately receive a text with a link to your online reservation system.

Your phones don’t even have to ring. Select “Silent Mode” and all calls will be handled automatically and personal messages sent to voice mail.

$349/m includes 1000 Calls per Month

  • Includes 1-Click Callback
  • 2000 Marketing Texts Per Month
  • Calls Over 1000 = .35¢/call

One-time setup fee $199

Visit Our RPM Website

Our Basic Outlook and Philosophy

We serve to empower small and medium sized businesses with the technologies and strategies that allow them to compete with the large national chains. We believe that consumers more than ever desire (and require) a personal touch…they’re tired of being targeted by bots and algorithms. We provide the tools and guidance to help you stand out and connect directly with your customers and prospects.

Team Members

David Marchiori



Executive Partner
& VP of Sales


Operations Manager

Barb Kovacevich

Senior Account Mgr

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