Engage with Steve Johnson!

Steve Johnson is a NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle veteran with a longer run history than anyone in the class. He started his professional debut in 1987 by airfreighting his bike to the race track and pitting out of the crate for the entire race. Johnson has amassed six NHRA event victories and he has appeared in 20 final rounds. He established his career-best performance numbers of 6.82 at 197 mph. Johnson’s ultimate dream goal is to capture a coveted season-championship.

“I often say drag racing is won or lost in the first 100. I popped the clutch and I felt the hesitation and E3 was history, dang. I’d like to thank my team, NHRA Safety Safari and new track ownership for a fast surface and last but not least for our fans, their encouragement and support – y’all are simply the best”

Steve Johnson

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